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Hi. It’s Damian here. Welcome to all of those who have come over from my website. I don’t know. I just thought I’d give this blogging thing a go instead of updating the website. I’ve been so slack on that front that I thought it’s best to start afresh. Apparently, this is where all the writers hang out these days…

I plan to at least post on here weekly. I’m writing the third book at the moment, Wired. Hence the name of this blog, wiredthebook. I’ve got plenty to report on several fronts, but I’ll leave you today with an article in yesterday’s fish and chip wrapper on LA producer Dan Dubiecki.

In conjunction with Melbourne producer Torus Tammer, Dan’s got the film option rights to both of the books. Torus and Dan have been partners for years and are both passionate about making the film. Dan’s currently carving up Hollywood with Thank You For Smoking, so I feel like I’m in good hands. I think The Australian gets rid of content after a few days, so here’s some of the bit that talks about me:

Dubiecki and various partners have options on Undercover and White Lies, by former covert Victorian police officer Damian Marrett; Galax-Arena and Terra-Farma, science fiction books for young people by Gillian Rubinstein; and Syrup, a white-collar comedy by Max Barry.

One of Dubiecki’s shorts was with Melburnian Torus Tammer, who moved home from LA in 2003 and knows Marrett.

“Tell someone in LA that Australia has organised crime and they can’t comprehend there is that aspect to our society,” says Tammer, who is producing the Marrett adaptations with Dubiecki. “But take away all the drugs, sex and seductiveness and the story (Undercover) is about a cop who is addicted to his work. And a lot of people can relate to that.”

They want to find an Australian director and this is also an option for the Rubinstein books, which Dubiecki is producing alongside his Lebanese-Canadian fiancee, Lara Alameddine. Reitman is likely to direct Syrup.

“We want to bridge the gap between Australian film and American film,” Dubiecki says. “As I am gaining more success I can get US funds to fund Australian-made films.

2 Responses to “Damian Marrett Blogs Here”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    just finished reading “undercover” and surprisingly enjoyed it, I am an avid fan of true crime stories and was fascinated by your experience in the police force. may or may not have been involved in the operations at the other end of the stick… and found your observations of drug culture and the characters involved in this lifestyle painfully amusing…

    Yet to read your other writings, but will be eager to enjoy those as well.

    why post this…. boredom and the lack of a post on your book… think you should consider writing a little fictional work as your style is very easy to read…

  2. Damian Says:

    Thanks anonymous. Sorry I didn’t put this comment up earlier but I’m just getting to know the blog’s capabilities.

    Yeah, this next book will probably be my last non-fiction effort. I’d run out of juicy operations half way through a fourth. Sure, I could recount yarns about smaller buy/busts and street deals, but I’d get bored very quickly. As would the reader, I suspect.

    So, fiction is a strong possibility. I do have a lot of stuff stored away that isn’t suitable for non-fiction but could be adapted to a fictional setting as well. We’ll see.

    Thanks for taking the time. DM

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