White Lies Reviews

I’ll give a rundown on the new book Wired soon, but before I do, I have some general house-cleaning to attend to. First, some words on White Lies.

Reviews in the print media have been a bit thin on the ground for White Lies. I did get a favourable one in the Herald-Sun in Melbourne and another in the Gold Coast Bulletin called the book “tantalising”. Here’s a quote from the Hun review:

The author is a natural storyteller, expertly conveying the hardcore grind of undercover work, the cold clunk of dread as a deal turns feral, and the will that controls nuclear-strength panic… the tension in some scenes is unbearable.

All very nice, but compared to the coverage Undercover received, it’s been pretty quiet for the newie. However, I did find one review the other day on the internet when I did a bit of “vanity googling”. Here’s the best bits from it:

Reading White Lies is a little like watching an undercover cop show like Stingers, except that these are real-life cops, real-life crims and real-life events.

Marrett shares his life with a wryly humorous voice which is easy to read and believable. He is also honest about the ups and downs of the job and of the necessarily secretive life he led for six years. For anyone with an interest in police and detective work, this is an absorbing read.

So, seeing as I’m writing a third book now, I’m interested in what people out there think. Which book was the better read? How did you think they differed? What did you like and dislike about the books? I realise I might be opening myself up a bit, but jump right in and have a go. It’s always good to receive feedback, good or even very, very bad…

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