Brazen Cheapskate!!!

Now that I’m clearing out old photos stored in my hard drive, here’s one that some friends sent me a year or so ago.

How’s this guy’s form? He thinks he can waltz into Borders, pick up a copy of Undercover, kick back like he owns the joint, and walk out eight hours later completely up-to-date on all things covert policing.

Hey, mate. Here’s a tip for you. Dive those short arms of yours into the long pockets located in those khaki bloomers you’re wearing, grab hold of your stinkin’ wallet, open it for once, salute the squadron of moths eating away at its insides, and make your way to the cash register.

Can you believe it? Borders is no friggin’ library, and he’s half-way through the book. I mean, come on. Does anyone know this freeloader?

If so, he’s in luck. I’m prepared to smoke the peace pipe, and send him a signed copy of White Lies for free. Yes, free: a concept he is very familiar with. But free, only on one condition. I want proof that he told his mates Undercover‘s a good read…

And thanks for the sneaky photos, Simon and Simone. Ever thought about doing some surveillance work?

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