Researching Wired…

I’ve been doing some research the past week or so for the new book, visiting a few places in Melbourne where drugs were dealt and crooks were busted. The memory likes to play tricks, so it pays to get out and about with a pen and notepad.

For Wired, my travels have taken on a seaside theme. On Sunday, I took a trip down to Williamstown Beach, then followed that up with bits and pieces of Elwood and St Kilda. If it wasn’t so cold down here in Melbourne, I would’ve dipped a toe or two in the water.

When I was researching the first book, I made a special trip to Griffith beforehand. For those that haven’t read Undercover, I’m not exactly the most popular person in south central NSW. Well, popular with some; others are not so welcoming.

I arrived late in the afternoon, and decided to de-bag in the same motel I stayed at back in 1994. As I alluded to in Undercover, the owners of this particular motel allegedly have a strong ‘family’ connection. No surprises then that I didn’t book ahead.

When I checked in, I wasn’t too fussy about which room they put me in. I just needed to get a feel for the place. The gods must’ve been smiling because I was given room 314, the same room I stayed in 10 years earlier. Very, very weird.

The next morning I skipped town after checking out all the sights one more time. Speaking personally, the best view of Griffith comes from a rear-view mirror. But hey, that’s just me.

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