Public Viewing

I caught the train the other day. I don’t catch public transport that often, but my car was playing up and I had no other alternative.

Anyway, I took a seat and took a look around. A girl in the seat directly over the aisle from me was reading a book. She was reading Undercover.

I couldn’t help but sneakily watch her expression for the duration of the trip for any signs of life. Was she enjoying the book? I don’t know. She wasn’t frowning. That was a start. I kept hoping that she’d smile or even laugh out loud, and then I’d feel as though I’d been given two thumbs up from a fellow commuter.

She hopped off the train two stops before me. I’m still not sure if she liked what she was reading, and I was too shy to introduce myself.

That was my day out on Melbourne’s wonderful train network. Very surreal.

PS. New book progressing well – I guess that’s why I’ve been scarce around these parts. Hopefully Wired will be done and dusted by the end of October. I’ll try and get here every week to keep you posted. Cheers. DM

4 Responses to “Public Viewing”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Hi Damian,

    Have to say i really enjoyed reading both Undercover and White Lies. Both books were so easy to read, i couldnt put them down. Thanks for allowing us insight into your professional and personal journey, i felt it added credibility to your writing.
    Sounds like your fully adjusted back into the “real world” so to speak. Keep up the good work and i look forward to reading more on your adventures.
    I know this may come out of left field but you sound really creative, have you ever tried painting? i bet you use the right side of your brain. Anyway, i better get back to work, thought id give this blogging thing a crack. No need to sign off as you already know who i am. Ciao

  2. Damian Says:

    Not sure who you are anonymous but, yes, I have been known to don the smock.

    Glad to hear you liked the books. Been writing the third one steadily for the past fortnight or so and it’s coming together slowly. Take care.

  3. kaz w Says:

    just got my copy of wired yesterday(WA) bit behind here….shit hot so far..

  4. Dame Says:

    Thanks kaz. Better than being piss cold I s’pose.

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