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Hi all. As always a bit slack on the blogging front, but this time I have myself a legitimate excuse – I’ve been in hiding since this month’s FHM mag hit the news stands last week.

Inside is a four-page spread devoted to my time as an undercover cop. It’s a little bit cringe-worthy as the photos and the accompanying text aren’t my proudest professional moments.

As I discovered early on into the piece, the FHM people are very fond of sensationalising a topic. I lost count of the sloppy and unintentional errors after I’d taken off my shoes and socks to keep score.

Not to worry. All publicity’s good publicity, so they tell me. It’d wanna be too. After seeing the offending article, I felt like punching every wall in the room. Thankfully, that anger has subsided now.

So, what’s been happening. I’m two-thirds of the way through Wired. I’m happy enough with what I’ve got down on paper, and I’m hoping that it reads okay. Maybe I should chuck down a few pages here on the blog and see what you all think. If half a dozen of you shout out in the comments section, I’ll see what I can do.

Other than that, life marches on, at times merrily. Until next time…

7 Responses to “Latest News”

  1. Kelly Says:

    can I count for half a dozen? I want to see some “Wired” pages, so come on, post them please?
    Keep plodding along Dame!

  2. Damian Says:

    Nice try Kelly. Um, anyone else?

  3. magda Says:

    I think I probably speak for a large number of people who do want to read some of “Wired”, if it is anything like Undercover and White Lies, you’ll no doubt be on a winner!

    It must be very difficult having to put yourself out there so much, often dealing with less than truthful/ethical people who blow things out of proportion, but then again, I think you have probably had more than enough training for dealing with that sort of thing!!!

    You only ever get criticism or complaints when you’re doing your job well, and obviously, this must be the case with FHM!

    Good luck with it all and I know I am not the only one looking forward to reading Wired.

  4. Damian Says:

    Thanks for the kind words magda. It’s been a bugger of a week or two, but what can you do? Not much really.

    Okay, let’s recap with a quick headcount. That’s two readers keen to get their paws on some new stuff in the shape of “Wired”.

    By my calculations, that’s four to go, people!

    Thanks kelly and magda for being such good sports. See ya.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    I would love to see a few pages of it but either way i will go out and buy it.

  6. Amy Says:

    Hey Dame,

    How are you going? Long time since i spoke to you buddy. I hope that your new book is going well and that it comes out soon. I hope that you are going well and spending lots of time writing. Take care and talk to you soon
    Amy (Penrith NSW)

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Dame,FHM what would they know!!! goodluck with Wired….Kaz(rockingham w.a)

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