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Hold the Presses!

December 21, 2006

Well, the book is done, dusted, outta here! After months of writing, deleting, backspacing, cutting, pasting, re-writing, editing, re-editing, post-editing, etc, Wired is at the printers.

This will be my third non-fiction book — and my final one. I just don’t have enough operations to go around for a fourth effort. That sits well with me. I’ve been wanting to turn my hand to fiction, and that hand looks to be forced. I have a few ideas swimming around upstairs, so I’m looking forward to the challenge already.

As for Wired, it scrubbed up okay. A few things I like about it:

– there’s a neat little chapter in there about a conman I worked on. It’s a nice respite from all the drug dealing operations which took up 99% of my time.

– some anecdotes tickled me. One involved a morning tea with the Chief Commissioner; another about the challenges of boy/girl relationships when you’re an undercover cop.

– Operation Desert Storm. Just an interesting read on high-level amphetamines dealers, I think.

So, book in the bank, I’ll be taking a rest over the Christmas period, recharging, and then bracing myself for the publicity rounds in March. I wish all readers a merry, but safe, Christmas and a New Year full of surprising discoveries and fun, fun, fun. Take care you all.

Radio National Podcast

December 1, 2006

Hi all. I’m busy writing, scratch that, I’m busy re-jigging Wired, but a friend told me that Radio National replayed an old interview I did with them for their Book Show. I thought I’d google up the podcast for you all. I come in about a quarter of the way through, after the first guy sends every one to sleep. Well, he sent me to sleep anyway. Here’s the link.

I’ll be back soon with a few bits and pieces. Just got to finish this book first. Cheers. Dame.