Wired For Sale

Yes, it’s out! Wired is now for sale at all retail outlets. However, for those who prefer the convenience of online transactions, a brand new copy of the book can be sourced cheaply here.

So, there you have it. If you’d like a copy of the book, click on the link and shop away. Otherwise the book’s available pretty much everywhere books are sold, including all of the department stores. Happy shopping!

2 Responses to “Wired For Sale”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Um. Nice sunnies.
    Congratulations. I’ve been away for a bit, and popped in to see a nice update to blog. Good on you and trust you are getting no sleep due to out of control sales etc. Would love a signed copy, so shall pursue that for sure. Yay again!

  2. Damian Says:

    Hiya Kelly. What can I say? The sun was shining and the eyes were in the firing line!

    Out of control sales? Don’t know about that one. Steady would suit me.

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