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A Belated Posting

May 25, 2007

Hi to everyone. Sorry for the delay, but it’s the first chance I’ve had to sit down in front of a computer for a while. I’ve been busy – a good thing, I guess.

Book sales have been strong enough and, although reviews have been a bit thin on the ground, Wired has been well received by the powers that be. No one’s slagged it, so no complaints here.

In the past month or so I’ve been getting my mug on the telly down here in Melbourne. Channel 31’s breakfast show are using me as their crime reporter every fortnight. Every second Thursday around 8:15am, I talk cops and robbers with the team. So far I’m loving it. TV’s lots of fun, and it’s giving me some valuable experience in front of the camera.

I’ve also been working on a hush-hush TV pilot with Fremantle Media (Sydney Swans Media are yet to make contact unfortunately. Go Swannies!). Filming’s already under way, and a commercial station will make a decision on the show’s viability in the next couple of months. Here’s hoping the green light’s switched on.

A couple of other production companies have also taken an interest in some other ideas that were swimming around in my head. Where this leads, I’m not sure. But at least I’m in there having a go.

Things are still heading in the right direction with the film adaptation of the first book, Undercover. A first draft of the screenplay is currently being worked on by the brilliant Torus Tammer. From what I’ve seen, the script should be a cracker.

The fourth book, a fiction effort, is coming along slowly but surely. I’ve been plotting it out, and I really like they way it’s shaping up. In a nutshell: sex, drugs, violence, corruption, the Mafia, and the mystery of a missing undercover cop. More news as it comes to hand. Working title is Shine On.

Personally, I’m still single and need all the help I can get. Tragic as always.

Until next time (not promising anything, but I’ll try and get round these parts more often), over and out.


Courier Mail Review

March 19, 2007

Hey there everyone. I managed to score a (mostly) positive review from Dan Eady in Saturday’s Courier Mail in Queensland. Here it is in full:

Wired, Damian Marrett, UCIC Press, $27.95. Reviewed by Dan Eady

DAMIAN Marrett, undercover cop turned television consultant now best-selling author.

Wired is his third instalment after Undercover in 2005 and White Lies in 2006. Once again Marrett is front and centre as the jangled drug-busting daredevil cop.

Thrashing through a chemical purgatory of cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, sweat, adrenalin and testosterone this ex-detective senior constable recounts his days with the Victorian Police’s Covert Investigation Unit.

Among the flotsam and jetsam of criminals and corrupt officials, Marrett tries to make good. He is not without his existential dilemmas either, “That meant the cutie sitting in front of me was a cocaine dealer.

“And even though I was a single bloke again, that also meant the cute blonde sitting in front of me was off limits. We had ourselves another operational target.”

Chock-a-block with machismo Marrett makes some awkward attempts to investigate his vulnerabilities. And, apart from his relationship troubles, there is a short-lived account examining his breakdown after witnessing a disturbing road accident.

As well, he parallels his own paranoid tendencies with the deranged and maniacal minds he vies with.

The first half of the book uncompromisingly orbits around one operation. This is in contrast to the remaining six other separate events. They come fast and furious.

This gives the work a rather unbalanced and hasty feel. However, it is aptly titled and jammed tight with blokey humour. Wired is a gripping, straightforward read, perfect for the airport.

A Showdown in the Gents

March 7, 2007

Oh yeah. I completely forgot. A new excerpt from Wired is up on the official site. It recounts a particularly hairy situation in the little boys’ room at a Melbourne bayside pub. No, I didn’t get propositioned by the hirsute bloke standing next to me.

Just head over to the site, drag and click your mouse over the “excerpt” heading, and it’s all too easy. Excerpts from White Lies and Undercover are also available to read. See ya.

My New Home

March 7, 2007

Hello and welcome to the world of I like it over here. Not for any geeky tech reason. It just feels right.

Wired is well and truly on the shelves now. I have no idea how it’s selling, but hopefully it’s in shoppers’ faces and they’re picking it up on the strength of the cover alone. I should get sales figures in a couple of weeks.

The new book can be bought online – signed, sealed and delivered – at this one-stop shop. It should save you a few bucks as well. Cheers and take care. Dame.

Wired Officially Launched

February 26, 2007

Thanks to all who rocked up to the Kingston Hotel yesterday to help launch the new book. It was a ripper of a day and it was great to knock back a few with so many friendly and familiar faces. Here’s some photos as a reminder to those nursing sore heads. I’m the guy in the white shirt.