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Courier Mail Review

March 19, 2007

Hey there everyone. I managed to score a (mostly) positive review from Dan Eady in Saturday’s Courier Mail in Queensland. Here it is in full:

Wired, Damian Marrett, UCIC Press, $27.95. Reviewed by Dan Eady

DAMIAN Marrett, undercover cop turned television consultant now best-selling author.

Wired is his third instalment after Undercover in 2005 and White Lies in 2006. Once again Marrett is front and centre as the jangled drug-busting daredevil cop.

Thrashing through a chemical purgatory of cocaine, heroin, methamphetamine, sweat, adrenalin and testosterone this ex-detective senior constable recounts his days with the Victorian Police’s Covert Investigation Unit.

Among the flotsam and jetsam of criminals and corrupt officials, Marrett tries to make good. He is not without his existential dilemmas either, “That meant the cutie sitting in front of me was a cocaine dealer.

“And even though I was a single bloke again, that also meant the cute blonde sitting in front of me was off limits. We had ourselves another operational target.”

Chock-a-block with machismo Marrett makes some awkward attempts to investigate his vulnerabilities. And, apart from his relationship troubles, there is a short-lived account examining his breakdown after witnessing a disturbing road accident.

As well, he parallels his own paranoid tendencies with the deranged and maniacal minds he vies with.

The first half of the book uncompromisingly orbits around one operation. This is in contrast to the remaining six other separate events. They come fast and furious.

This gives the work a rather unbalanced and hasty feel. However, it is aptly titled and jammed tight with blokey humour. Wired is a gripping, straightforward read, perfect for the airport.